How do you find lice and deal with the parasite?


Lice are not visible, and yet they can be quite a nuisance in people’s home. It is a parasite that spreads through personal contact especially when the conditions for its survival are present. Therefore, when you share personal belongings with another person who has lice, the chances of you getting the parasite are very high. Children are most vulnerable to lice infestation because they seem not to know any boundaries for sharing personal belongings. However, you should not despair. There is a straightforward way of dealing with lice. Here are some of the lice symptoms to check out in case you suspect that you have the infestation in your home.


2When you experience itchiness, it could be from some factors. One of them could be lice. Itchiness is a typical body reaction when the skin interacts with a foreign substance that interferes with its normal functioning. Teh cells on the affected part of the skin undergo a reaction that translates to the itchiness effect on you. When the clothes you wear have lies, the skin will be the first indicator of the parasites’ presence. It will itch mildly and at a specific area where the excrement of the lice and the surface of the skin interact. The movement of the parasite on the cloth will also result in a release of substances that lead to itchiness of the skin. The allergic reaction that comes from direct lice bites will cause severe itching at the place of the bite. However, the rest of the symptoms may take up to six weeks to show.

Difficulty sleeping

Lice infestation in the beddings will cause a combination of itching and irritability that lead to difficulty in sleeping. The lice eggs known as nits will also stay in blankets and other fluffy places making them stuffy. The movement of lice in the dark will also affect the skin and lead to bumps that become painful and affect your sleep. Some people will get lies in their pubic hairs when the infestation becomes too much. The presence of lies in such places will cause too much irritability such that it is impossible to sleep for a straight hour.

A thickly feeling

3If you keep on feeling ticklish on the head, then there is a probability of you having lice. Head lice can be a big menace because they are highly contagious. You can get them by sharing combs, and other grooming products, or when they move from one person to another through sofa, or the different fabric surfaces that you use. If you notice that you get a tickly feeling whenever you sit at a place such as a sofa or in a car seat, then you need to do a thorough check to confirm whether you are having lice problem.

After identifying the three common symptoms of the parasite, you can them take the initiative of getting rid of these parasites. Start vacuuming your floor surfaces and then use a plastic drop cloth to cover the surfaces. The essence of doing this is to suffocate the lice and to prevent further spreading. You might also need to fumigate the house and wash all clothes, sheet, curtains and other fabric.

Reasons you should stay away from drugs


We all experience stressful situations, some that make us feel like we have no control and still others that can leave us feeling hopeless. In those moments, it can be easy to convince ourselves to numb the edges of the pain we are feeling by taking drugs or drinking alcohol.

Making the decision to use drugs may feel like a good choice at the moment. The truth though is that one momentary decision often leads to long-term negative effects. To maintain your physical, psychological, and social health, consider these reasons you should stay away from drugs.

Physical Effects

The harsh reality of drugs is that what little relief they give to your problems can never measure up against the grief they cause. When it comes to your physical health, it’s important to know the effects that drugs can have on you.

  • hdhjd784In the brain, drugs can interfere with the way it processes information, slowing response time and even permanently altering the pathways the neurons use to communicate with the rest of your body.
  • Use of illegal drugs can also adversely affect the cardiovascular system, adding stress to your veins and arteries, introducing possible infections into the bloodstream, enlarging the heart, and causing, even more, complications.
  • Your lungs can be slowed, and in some cases airways can be permanently blocked, decreasing your breathing efficiency as your body doesn’t get the necessary oxygen to sustain a high quality of life.

Psychological Health

Drugs can often cause a broken thought process that can ultimately lead to psychological conditions. Some of the psychological reasons you should stay away from drugs are:

  • Paranoia (leading you to believe a delusion that isn’t true)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Intense mood swings
  • Violence

When these behaviors begin to manifest into your life, your grasp on reality fades and quite often you become trapped in a spin cycle of fear-related emotions and decisions. Many who use drugs choose to engage in a risky or self-harming behavior, not realizing (or not caring about) the potentially life-threatening consequences.

Social Health

hdhjd874Many people who use drugs frequently become isolated from the people and activities they once cherished. For some, they stay away out of a sense of guilt and shame over their choices, imagining the worst of what others think of and thinking there is no hope of fixing their mistakes. For others, their psychological down-slide creates another way of thinking – almost like they are in their own world in their own mind.

Still, others begin choosing to engage in behavior they might otherwise have rejected. Risky behavior (like unsafe sex practices) no longer seems as dangerous, now that their daily life is consumed with the activity of drug use. Because of this, their entire life structure changes. They have a new set of friends and often reject their family and other people who once served as their support system in times of trouble.

If you are one of the many people who have used drugs before and you are required to pass a drug test so you can start a new beginning, check out

What Causes Memory Loss?


Also called amnesia, memory loss is the inability to recall or remember events sequences or memories of the past. The memory may flash by and disappear depending on the cause. It is unpredictable and can get better or worse over time. Not everyone is affected by memory loss, but it mostly affects small children and old people. However, some supplements can be prescribed by doctors to patients to either cure or improve memory.

Five common causes of memory loss


Certain drugs have been found to affect the ability to remember and recall events. When certain drugs are taken, they affect a particular part of the brain that is responsible for memory. This results in memory lapses and forgetfulness. Examples of such drugs include sleeping pills, antihistamine, diabetes medicine and painkillers. When signs of memory loss are noticed, it is advisable to stop the use of the drug and immediately consult your doctor for better advice.

Lack of nutrients

The human body has to get supplements from what it is ingested into the body in the form of nutrients. When the body lacks certain nutrients, the functionality of the body is slowed down and results to memory lapses. In particular, vitamin B12 helps improve memory and also helps to avert confusion. The vitamins ensure there is enough supply of blood to the brain. Other natural solutions are sea foods which also aid in remedying memory problem.

Stress and depression

A lot of stress and depression can lead to unstable mind. This mostly affects people who juggle a lot of things at ones, probably work, school, or work-related stuff and are not getting enough rest or sleep. Easing stress and engaging in mind opening activities can help improve the memory. If stress goes untreated, it can lead to mental problems.

Lack of sleep

wgfgfgvgfcghvccfgvLack of sleep will cause the brain to overwork and disrupt the normal functioning of the brain, causing memory lapses. Lack of sleep will result in a condition called sleep apnea, which when not treated will lead to spatial navigational memory, where a person is unable to remember directions. Oxygen supply to the brain is cut off at night and person will wake up with an acute or a severe headache.

Silent stroke

When major vessels of the blood in the brain are blocked, the ability to move and think normally is disrupted leading to stroke. This change in the brain is referred to cognitive impairment. When blood vessels are blocked, blood supply to the brain is limited meaning there will be an insufficient supply of nutrients going to the brain leading to memory loss as well as stroke. This kind of silent stroke will eventually make a victim immobile and unable to do certain responsibilities on their own.

Home Remedies For Muscle Pain


If you ever find yourself in a situation where muscles are stiff and cause pain, then you should consider putting into practice some useful home remedies for easing muscle pain. Occurrences of muscle pain are common amongst athletes though anyone who strains their muscles is prone to muscle pain. Therefore, everyone should take note of these home remedies in case you experience muscle pain, and you cannot get to the hospital.

How to relieve muscle pain


One of the best home remedies for muscle pain is performing a massage on the affected area and the whole body at large. At times muscle pain is because of poor blood circulation in the body. To avoid muscle pain, you can massage the body and improve blood circulation to reduce pain caused by the stiff muscles. This is the first home remedy that does not need expertise.

Engage in body movements

Another home remedy you can employ to treat muscle pain is body movement. Sitting in a certain position for a prolonged period can cause muscle pain and thus the need to engage in body movements. If you sit down for long, the muscles will become stiffer making you experience muscle pain. As a tip, you should avoid sitting in one place for a long period.

Use epsom salts

Epsom salts contain magnesium as an active ingredient. Magnesium is an element known for its power to help muscles relax. You should dissolve Epsom salt in warm water. Take caution not to use hot water in dissolving Epsom salt. Though this method works well for many, it is not suitable for high blood pressure and diabetes patients for it may affect their conditions.


deerhredr534465Finally, you can use rest as a remedy for easing muscle pain. It is a natural process that cannot affect the body in a negative way. When your rest, the stiffness of the muscles will ease, and you will stop experiencing muscle pain afterward. Athletes should take rest after engaging in active sports as a way of relaxing the muscles to avoid muscle pain.

Drink tart cherry juice

Tart cherry juice has the ability to reduce muscle pain. The juice has antioxidant compounds that are helpful in reducing inflammation, thus acts to reduce muscle pain. The juice is readily available, and you can have it at your home just in case you get muscle pain. You can also use the juice as a preventative measure against muscle pain.

With the above home remedies, you can comfortably treat muscle pain without going to the hospital. However, if symptoms persist, you should seek medical attention.